Proactive Website Security Monitoring


Weekly monitoring of your website to make sure it stays safe.

  • Includes Premium WordPress Security Plugin – Annual Subscription from Wordfence.
  • Weekly check for security updates for WordPress website plugins and themes.
  • Weekly site scan review (Hands on, non-automated)
  • Customized security settings to suit your sites needs


In this day and age I see new sites getting hit by bots and login guessing(lookup real name) within the first week, from x number of countries and x number of attack attempts. I hate when people use a scary scenario to promote any sort of fear but in this case I was honestly shocked when I first started actively monitoring these kinds of stats and saw week old websites getting attacked from 10 different countries and hundreds and even thousands of times with SQL injection attempts and Brute Force attempts.  You really should be aware of what is going on behind the scenes to stay ahead of it as best as possible.

My security monitoring service is one step towards this as website vulnerabilities are constantly being exploited and need to be monitored. With sites like WordPress you need to keep plugins and themes up to date for security patches and do active scans of the entire sites to make sure no one found a way in with any malicious code or files.


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