SEO Analysis – On Page


One time on page SEO audit to determine what changes could be made to improve on site technical SEO for your content.


SEO consists of on page and off page tactics. On page being things you can do with your content or site, like making sure it loads fast with CDNs or Caches, using titles effectively, H1 tags, alt image descriptions and  permalink structuring to your advantage. Off page SEO is anything you can do outside of your website content, such as marketing efforts, backlink building, forums or influencer outreach. Don’t expect combined efforts of on page and off page SEO to affect your ranking results right away, this is something you should expect to take months. Personally I recommend making sure you have enough funds to support your SEO efforts for 1 year, that gives you time to commit to the process properly but also enough time to see the results. Regardless of strategy SEO comes down to user intent and what you are helping the user with, whether its information on a location, tips or do it yourself type content, or any other problem of theirs you can help solve.

With this service I take a close look at your on page content and provide the steps I recommend to improve its SEO.


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